Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Wednesday November 21, 2018

For today’s daily draw I used the very funny Housewives Tarot: A Domestic Divination Kit by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum. I admit that I purchased this deck because I enjoy history and all things vintage and I read at a Vintage Shop one day a week so I though this deck would be a really nice one to bring in. First off, the packaging on this deck is really well thought out. It comes in a recipe box with real recipes on the back of the dividers and the book sometimes reads as a pulp fiction. It’s as if each suit follows the life of a housewife and tell the story of her life through the cards. For example: the housewife in the 3 of Swords finds out that her husband is cheating on her so in the 4 of Swords she finds that she needs some rest in order to pull herself back together. I LOVE this sort of story telling. This is, after all, what life is about: one decision or event in our lives leads us to another, and like dominos, they connect to create the path of our life. The only thing I can say negatively about this deck, and it’s a bit of a biggy, is that the first few cards of the major arcana are in a different order than I am used to. I was a little confused by it to be honest. I had a moment of “Are there other decks out there that do this? Do other decks put the High Priestess AFTER the Emperor?” I suppose it can make sense, because it lays the “Popess” and the “Pope” together, but that’s not how I learned, and it bothered me, so I repainted them, I’m a DIY sort of girl. If, however, you’re not bothered by the unconventional numbering, I recommend this deck whole-heartedly for the humorous pictures, fantastic packaging, and fun book.

On to my reading!

This morning I pulled the very charming Knight of Cups, ruled by Pisces. For me, the members if the court symbolize actual people in our lives. This young man is not a King, not yet, he is still only a protector of the realm of water and he will protect it with all of his heart. Like all knights he is on a quest, and his is to discover true love, for true love is the greatest adventure. Westley from the Princess Bride is the poster boy for the Knight of Cups. This sensitive soul is very much in touch with his emotions and will write poetry and regale any young maid that the meet on their journey because ultimately, love and happiness is what he mosts longs for. He’s a gentleman and would never dream of hurting your daughter, unless he’s more Romeo than Westley. If you may remember, Romeo was completely head-over-heels in love with Rosaline until Juliet caught his eye. Love can sometimes be rather fickle, but our dear boy never intends on hurting his lady love, only the heart wants what it wants, and like the fluidity of water, it can sometimes overflow into another lady’s garden. Regardless, this is the boy that you WANT your daughter to bring home, at least initially, until you realize that he’s all rainbows and moonbeams and has no real solid plan for the future. He will flow from one dream to another and though this is wonderful in the honeymoon stages of a relationship, it may be trying for the long haul.

Now, in my life I believe the Knight of Cups showed up today to represent a Pisces close to me. He may be a grown man, but he’s still far off from King. He flows like the river, and this fish enjoys being carried along on the current, at least normally. Today, using my Lenormand casting charms, I drew the anchor. When the anchor shows up, it usually brings with it a desire for stability and achieving strong goals. My Pisces has been floating for a while now and has been asked to make a long journey across the sea. Basically he has to leave right when things are coming together for him and I believe that the anchor shows that he’s tired of floating, that he’s willing to “drop anchor” and find stability in his life and actually work towards some of the goals that have been on his mind. Perhaps the Knight will be a King after all!

Now, Court Cards don’t always have to appear as people or as external forces in our lives. They can also symbolize greater journeys within ourselves. It’s possible that the Knight of Water has show up to remind me to connect to my heart and the ones I love, and to enjoy the happiness that love can bring, because along with the anchor, love will secure. He’s also probably telling me to spend some time with my day-dreams and use it as a way to spurn my creativity. Paint a picture! Play some music and dance! Write a blog post! When was the last time you and the knight went on a journey to discover what truly lies in your heart? Maybe it’s time. It will be your anchor.

I hope you all have a great day!