Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Friday November 23, 2018


Oh dear. It seems today is another rough day. How are people doing after all of the Thanksgiving festivities? 5 of Cups thinks we have a bit more emotional work to do and the ring has made another appearance to remind of us of our commitments.

Before I get into that, though, I want to mention the incredible deck that I am using today: The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans. This is a very popular deck, you can find it at any Barnes and Noble, and there is good reason. Kim mostly follows the imagery of a traditional Rider Waite Smith deck but uses “Strength” as the number 11, and “Justice” as the number 8 like the Tarot Marseilles. I personally prefer 8 for Strength and 11 for Justice. The numerology makes better sense to me but I digress. Kim Krans made the Wild Unknown deck in a beautiful ink and watercolor style and all the cards are represented by the natural world. Kim also created the Animal Spirit Oracle so she seems to have an affinity to animals. I can relate! The deck also comes in a very sturdy lidded box for travel and a very artistic booklet which makes this deck just fine for beginners. I have to admit, some of the cards’ pictures still confuse me when I draw them. I then have to refer back to my numerology and astrological rulerships, to help me connect, but it’s said that if a card confuses you, or you don’t quite connect to it, it’s possible that THAT is the thing that you most need to work on. Regardless of some of my interpretive shortcomings, I do really recommend this deck if you find yourself carried away by the natural world and find pen and ink beautiful. I do on both of those fronts.

Now back to the sad 5 of cups, because that’s what’s going on here. Horses are normally freedom loving and intelligent animals, and this horse is just not feeling it. He’s overcome by the emotion of the moment and bows his head in great melancholy. Those cups float above his head in oppression. In the 5 of Cups from the RWS deck, normally three cups are spilled and two cups remain full. This poor horse seems to have 5 empty cups. Now, I’m an eternal optimist. I see cups that are open to be filled with joyful deliciousness, but maybe someone else only sees the fact that they are empty. I think our horse feels the same. The 5 is an unstable number. It comes between the extremely square and stable 4 and the well-balanced 6. The 5 also represents human beings and humanity. We are rather unstable and imperfect as a people but as I’ve said before, any difficulty can be a learning opportunity. This horse is too IN it though to learn anything. Emotion is like that. We feel things as we feel them. We never set Siri to remind us to feel sad in a half hour, we feel it NOW. The 5 of Cups is also ruled by Mars in Scorpio: “I am driven to dig deeper and I desire to assert myself”. It’s very likely that this horse has uncovered some things that he wasn’t expecting and he’s now feeling a great loss.

Back to Thanksgiving…

Like I said, the United States’ Thanksgiving holiday is one that brings much joy and much dread to the hearts of Americans everywhere. For those that are lucky, the holiday is filled with good food and family, but there are millions of people everywhere that feel nothing but loss. It’s very hard to give thanks when you have no where to live and you have no table to put food on if you are fortunate to get any. Family is difficult for many of us. Sitting with people that don’t understand our point of view is difficult. Many holidays secrets are unearthed and emotions, like wine, are spilled, but can you imagine if you didn’t have those people? This is a reality for many Americans, maybe even a neighbor. The 5 of Cups (with the Lenormand Ring) is reminding us that we all suffer loss and everyone’s sadness if valid. Perhaps if we spend our time thinking about the things that we DO have, no matter how small it may be, and if we commit to filling our cups with love, we, too, can go back to feeling free like this horse is meant to feel. Maybe the key to filling up your own cup is to help fill up someone else’s. We all suffer from tough emotional times, but they are usually easier when we have other people to toast. So lift your head up, feel thankful for what you have and what you have had, and commit to helping someone else. I guarantee they will be Thankful.