Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Sunday November 25, 2018

Hey, look! Today looks like a MAJOR day. At least, a major card was pulled. Usually, when a major comes up in a reading it’s a message to stop and really pay attention. The reading is, well, major, and today our major card is The Wheel of Fortune supported by the Lenormand’s Moon. More on that in a minute.

Today’s deck is by the very talented Matt Hughes, another self-taught artist who first launched his gorgeous Art Nouveau-inspired deck, Ethereal Visions on Kickstarter. Since then Matt has launched an Oracle Deck, A Mozart’s Requiem Illuminated Manuscript, a book of Edgar Allen Poe, Viking Playing Cards, a coloring book… the man is on fire. He’s one of my favorite artist’s to date. If you love Art Nouveau and Gothic Romanticism please look him up and support him on Kickstarter. I call the Ethereal Visions deck my “birthday deck” as it was a birthday present. Each card is a work of art with gold foil so they are a bit difficult to riffle, but an overhand shuffle works well. I babied them for so long, I never brought them out to use with clients, and then one day I thought “Screw it! They’re meant to be loved and shared!” It’s still one of my most popular decks for the absolute beauty but also because of the connection to the images. These cards are easy to understand. I get them, and I think they will be appropriate for beginners as well as professionals.

So, back to the Number 10: Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is the last card in our “meet the cast” of the Tarot Archetypes. If the Major Arcana is truly the path of the Fool (ourselves) then along this path we’ve met his parents, partners, and teachers and now after all of the people he’s met and choices he’s made he gets a bit of a break before the next big “plot points” come into play. The Wheel is ruled by Jupiter and in astrology, Jupiter is large, in charge, and brings expansion to anything that it touches. If you’re facing difficulties, they’re really BIG difficulties, if you have found fortune, then it’s amazingly BIG fortune. That being said, in classic astrology, Jupiter also brings luck and fortune. Now, our Fool (again, ourselves) has come to the end of his first stage, the Ten, and is ready to move on, but as I’ve said before, Tarot is about choices. It’s the choices our hero has made that has gotten him here. I see the Wheel of Fortune more as the Wheel of the Year which never stops turning. It won’t wait for you to get your life together, it will just keep going and you have to kind of work it out as you go. Regardless, your life will change in search of your destiny.

I believe the Wheel has shown up on this day, specifically on Sunday, the last day of the weekend and for many of us the last day of a holiday weekend to say, “Look. You did it. You made it. You take a moment but whatever you did this weekend is on you, so get ready.” Lenormand’s Moon showed up today which tells me that the Wheel is talking a bit about our emotions and intuition but sometimes the moon can represent our reputation. It reflects the sun (the self) so it can be a reflection of what energy we have put out. So the good thing is that Wheel of Fortune is “destiny”, Moon is “reputation”. Sounds good right? But on an internal level, you could be looking at emotional changes to help spur you towards your next big journey. I see both as positives. In my eyes, change is always good. So embrace the change and hop on the wheel, or it will roll you over.

Have a good day everyone!