Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Wednesday November 28, 2018

Hello everyone! I hope yesterday and it's 3 of Cups brought you joy and happiness with the ones that you love, or at least enjoy. Today the 3 has shown up again. The 3, of course, is about community and creativity but this time it is paired with the Pentacles. Interestingly, this is the first Pentacles card that has shown up since I started this series a week ago, so I think it's saying that it's time to get back to work. We've had a lot of emotional days and some mental and creative days, but the Pentacles (or Coins as they're sometimes called in Tarot) are ruled by the Earth and like the Cups, represent nourishment. While the Cups represent nourishment of the soul and emotions with healing waters, the Pentacles represent nourishment of the body. A Pentacle can be seen as a plate to serve food, as well as money used to by the food that you serve. Society could possibly get along fine without coins but most major societies will never last without currency, even if that currency is "shells" or "trade". So here we have our Pentacles standing loud and proud reminding us that maybe we should pay a little attention to the real world and our place in it.

The 3 of Pentacles is ruled by Mars in Capricorn. "I use assertiveness and I am driven towards achievement", but no matter what deck you use, the individual doing the work on the 3 of Pentacles is never achieving alone. There is always the artisan, the designer and usually the overseer or "the money". It takes a village of people with many different roles to bring a project to completion and the 3 of Pentacles is telling you to be certain of which role is yours and once you know it, remember to work well with others. I work on my own, but I'm never working, "on my own". My partner is my tech guy, my children are my support, my friends offer me referrals and a place to read on Tuesdays...I am indebted to others to keep this ball rolling. We all are. No one lives a solitary existence. We are surrounded by people every day, so we might as well learn how to work with them. I know I'm repeating myself but it is so important, great things can be achieved with others.

Looking back to our reading, the "others" today are represented by the Lenormand Snake. Snakes can be a bit scary for some, but I happen to really like them. I don't see them as anything to fear. I think people tend to fear what they don't understand, so my advice to those that fear snakes is that they should get to know them a little better. In Lenormand, the Snake is seen as something sneaky, the "other woman". There's a whole lot of religious and historical sexism there that I don't want to get into, but when dealing with only 36 Lenormand cards and "the Woman" represents either the querent (client) or the querent's partner, then another card has to represent any other woman that may come up. The Snake is that card. Does she have to be sneaky? It depends on the situation. Actually, when I pull this card I think, "hmm...woman, sexy, goddess, power." Is this woman going to steal your man? Why, don't you trust him? Again, it's about the situation. In THIS situation when the Snake shows up with the 3 of Pentacles I'd say we have a bit of a carryover from yesterday. The 3 of Cups is about connecting to the sisterhood (or tribe) and this one is about working with them. Since the Snake did come up it's probably because some pretty powerful woman is involved, and this powerful lady has a lot to add. Women are wise. You should listen to them. Work with them because despite how awesome snakes are, they're still predators and they will eat you if they're big enough. Have you seen what the Burmese Pythons are doing in the Everglades?! So, that's my advice for today. Gather your tribe together, male and female, and work towards that project that you've always wanted to accomplish but could never do on your own. With help, you are destined to great things.

The two decks that I'm using today are pretty darn great. The 3 of Pentacles is from The Everyday Tarot by Brigit Esselmont and artist Eleanor Grosch, and the Lenormand deck was released as a free holiday download by Reader Carrie Paris. To this date, these little Lenormand cards are still my favorite to use. It's hard to see but every card has some keywords to help a beginner remember what they mean, and the pictures look like Victorian prints which I absolutely love. They're also very cute and very easy to use. I have little hands so after a full day of shuffling my hands will be tired with larger Oracle-sized decks. Like the Carrie Paris Lenormand deck, the Everyday Tarot deck is a perfect size. I often throw it in my bag for its portability. It's also very pretty. Every card has gold foil sides and gold accents on the card faces and Eleanor Grosch's modern graphic style cuts right to the heart of the meaning of each card. There are no distractions, only the core symbols, and this helps when you want to simplify your interpretation. The Everyday Tarot set comes in a portable box with an 88-page guide written by Brigit Esselmont. I like Brigit. I subscribe to her emails and her weekly cards always seem to coincide with mine. I guess we're on the same page. Both Brigit Esselmont and Carrie Paris offer classes. I've never taken them so I can't describe how they are but if something like that interests you, check them out. Maybe they'll lead you towards that new project that you'll be working on.

Have a good day everyone! Go achieve something great!