Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Thursday November 29, 2018

Well, look what we have here. We have a repeat! I knew it would happen eventually: there are only 78 cards, and I only have so many Tarot decks, I just didn't know how quickly it would happen.

It's been a rainy night and will be a rainy day in Burbank, CA. I love it when it rains. It rains so seldom that I'm always ecstatic when it does. I usually go on a long rainy day walk and immerse myself in nature and for that, I'm glad that Kim Krans' Wild Unknown Tarot Deck came up today. I first discussed the Wild Unknown on Friday, November 23 so you can check out that post to get to know it a little better.

Today's card of the day is the same as yesterday's. This will often happen if you haven't quite learned the lesson that you should have. Just as a recap, the 3 of Pentacles is ruled by Mars in Capricorn: "I use assertiveness to achieve." It's also a card that shows how the community can come together to build great things. I don't know how the card may have manifested for you but it showed up in my life a little later in the day. Without going into it too much, I am a member of both of my sons' PTAs, and I have been co-chair for a big Valentine Event at the Elementary school for the last 7 or 8 years or so. As bureaucracy often does, there is change on the wind. Yesterday, my female co-chair informed of the unexpected change (snake), and today I have to discuss it with the PTA. The 3 of Pentacles is reminding me to understand what my place is and to work well with others in order to defend it.

While yesterday, there was a snake in the building, today it is a tree growing on a mountain top. Kim Krans has shown us in her Wild Unknown that not only buildings can be built. The earth has her own projects that she's working on as well. It may take millions of years to build a mountain, but with patience, it can be achieved. The Lenormand says that Mountains are obstacles but I think it depends on who you talk to. Someone close to me is a climber and he sees mountains not as an obstacle, but as a challenge. A mountain brings him a certain excitement that says to him "you can do this!". At the top of our mountain, today sits a Lenormand Tree. In the Lenormand, a Tree represents all sorts of growth, your family, even your general health. I feel that this tree says that if we all continue on with yesterday, know our role, work with others, and climb that mountain with positivity and excitement in our hearts we will grow in ways that will benefit our health and our families and our World's Tree. Sometimes with a lower number in Tarot is easy to think about ourselves, but every action we take affects others. How can we truly benefit the community today? What are we really working towards? Since this card came up twice in two days it must be very important. Think about it, and then with Mars as a guide, do it!

Have a good one everybody!