Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Friday November 30, 2018

It’s so funny. Before I pulled this card today from Matt Hughes' Ethereal Visions deck (discussed on Sunday, November 25th), I was thinking of all of the Hierophants that I have read. To get to know a new client I will use Numerology to find their Personality, Character and Shadow cards from the Major Arcana. You can do this too. Break down your birth month, birth date, and birth year to it's smallest numbers and add them together. My birthday is June 4, 1979 so I break it down to 6 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 which equals 36. I further break this down to 3 + 6 which equals 9 and voilá, my Personality Number is the Number 9, and my Personality Card: The Hermit. If my number was a larger number up to 21 I would use the larger number as my Personality Card and then break it down to a smaller number which gives me my Character Card. The Shadow is the repressed Subconscious personality and that number is derived by adding numbers together to reach the Personality Number. In that case, it's the number 1 + 8. So my Shadow is 18, The Moon. It can be a bit confusing but going through all of that math, I feel, is worth it as it is a good way to introduce myself and the way I read, and it helps me understand the person in front of me, to better connect with them and to use language that they would most understand. I also use a little bit of Hand Reading, but that's a subject that I can go into more on another day.

The Hierophants that have sat down with me are a bit cautious. Most of the time their hands are broad and strong and you can tell they are probably crafty but don't suffer fools easily. Sometimes they sit down and I wonder why they are even there. They know exactly who they are and don't need me to tell them. They're solid and sometimes stubborn and usually very quiet. Sometimes I feel the wall that they have placed between us to test me. They want to see if I can climb up to the battlements and only then will they let me in. I can't push a Hierophant. I have to trust myself and just go for it and hope that something I say will land. I usually can tell when it does. They'll smile slightly and nod their head in an invitation to continue, much like a teacher during a dissertation. It is "the teacher" that is truly at the heart of a Hierophant and they're only cautious because their ruler, Taurus, makes them that way.

Someone close to me is a Hierophant. When we were first getting to know each other I'd ask him questions about his life and the things that he had been through. He had been in the military and seen suffering and I thought by knowing those things I'd be closer to him. "Oh, you don't want to know about that.", he'd say, and then he'd turn around and ask me, "What was the best thing that you did for yourself today?" No one had ever asked me that before and I was stumped for a minute. I eventually came up with an answer and he said, "You deserve nice things, no matter how small." Who was this wise sage? A Hierophant, that's who. He never wanted to talk about himself, only wanted to learn about me and somehow in every conversation, I'd learn a bit more about myself.

The Hierophant in your life could be a professor, yoga teacher, religious leader, and even a grandparent. They're there to help us connect to ourselves and the greater spiritual power within us and they are determined to teach us how to have ownership of who we are. You will find them literally out in the world teaching with more patience than the average person will muster. They may not even know that they're doing it, but I tell you what, every Hierophant has his or her acolytes. In one way or another, they will be teaching and helping us grow into ourselves as better people and better citizens of the world.

So who are the Hierophants in your life? Are you one yourself? The Lenormand Ship came up today as well. The ship talks about journeys of all sorts: Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. Maybe the Hierophant is telling us to make that journey to learn more about the self today. Try some meditation to connect within, or take a class and learn more about the world. Travel to a favorite mentor and see what wisdom they can instill upon you or become the mentor to someone else. Regardless, at the end of the day ask yourself, "What was the best thing that I did for myself today?". You deserve nice things, no matter how small.

Have a good one, everybody.