Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Saturday December 1, 2018

Today will be an interesting reading; the deck is one that I haven't used in a very long time. I don't use reversal in my readings (when a card shows itself upside down) Many readings swear by reversals, but I don't connect with it because the pictures mean a great deal to me. I can read a book upside down, but for some reason, the moment a card is upside down all meanings go out of my head. Also, there are 78 and cards in a Tarot deck. A "reversed" meaning is bound to come up in another card. Then I saw this deck: The Vice Versa Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone.

The Vice Versa Tarot has no backs. Every card has two sides and each side explores opposites, much like the sides of a coin. The sides may be fairly different but ultimately the card still has the same meaning. I thought this would be a perfect deck for me to allow me to explore the world of reversals. I've used it a few times for personal readings, one of my friends absolutely loves Vice Versa and requests it during her readings, but for some reason, I don't connect with it as much as I have with some of my other decks, and I still have to refer to the book.

That being said, this deck is brilliant. Every deck that comes into my possession has taught me something new, whether it's about the way I read, or about the meanings themselves, and there were quite a few "AHA!" moments using these cards that will always stay with me. Some of them showed me a way at looking at its meaning in a way that I hadn't seen before and I'm always happy when that happens. It's very possible that the Vice Versa Tarot has come up again to say, "Hey. Maybe it's time you take another look. Maybe you should look at things a different way." So that's what I'll do. It's time to start working with these cards again, and we'll start with today.

Today's Draw was the 7 of Pentacles. This card has come up for me quite a bit lately. The 7 of Pentacles is ruled by Saturn in Taurus. "I have structure and I am responsible for what I own." The Hierophant is a Taurus card, as well, and we discussed Taurus a bit yesterday (November 30th). Taurus is about ownership but it's also ruled by Venus and is very much in touch with all that is connected to the 5 Senses. Every Taurus I've known has been a great lover of plants and even if they aren't blessed with a green thumb, they have a creativity that allows them to plant metaphoric seeds to bring forth projects that bear fruit. Little seeds planted now may bring a bountiful harvest later. When this card comes up, the work has been done. The seeds have been planted and now you can appreciate the rewards. But that's in a regular deck. The Vice Versa Tarot doesn't have a "back" and a "front". The creator feels naming them such defeats the whole purpose of the cards. Instead, they are "this side" and "that side". Well, today, I didn't get "this side" of the 7 of Pentacles I got "that side" and "that side" doesn't look very promising.

The poor gardener in our card looks very perplexed. He doesn't seem to be happy with the crop that he has yielded. Perhaps he was expecting more. Based on the weather it looks like it has been a tough season. There's even a skull at the root of the tree. My mind goes to all of the fires in California. It was devastating last year, but there are no words that can describe how bad it is this year. The loss of homes and lives is heart-wrenching. Perhaps this is what has happened to our poor man. The "fruit" on this tree may be all he has left. 7 is a number that represents reflection and reassessment. As he sits, hopefully, he'll make a decision that can help move him forward from his loss.

So what does this card mean for all of us? Again, I'm an optimist. I see that there are lessons to learn in every challenge and we are given as much as we can handle. Sometimes we plant the seeds but for one reason or another, we are disappointed with the result. We may invest our time, energy and resources into something that we just know is going to work out and it doesn't. Or maybe it going very well and then you lose it. We have to find a way to stop, take a breath, and re-evaluate the situation so we know where to go next. Sometimes tragedy is what we need to move us forward. We all have setbacks, it's what you do with them that makes you a stronger person. Salvage what you can, collect the seeds, and plant again. The Lenormand Sun is shining down suggesting that it isn't as bad as it seems. The Sun brings happiness and the energy needed to make a better crop the next year. It may be challenging now, but with structure and a sunny disposition, your project will succeed. Speaking of, I never once had to refer to the book. Looks like it's time for me to reinvest in this Vice Versa business.

Have a good one, everybody.