Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Monday December 3, 2018


I'm trying something new today. I spent much of the day typing a six-page paper for my Herbology course and have only now had the time for a card of the day, except, I was tired of sitting in front of my computer so I'm now on my phone. Not much better, but now I can type in bed. It's the simple pleasures...

Since I'm on my phone I decided I would use a deck from one of my tarot apps. Yes, there are tarot apps and the best ones are by Fool’s Dog Catalogue. Fool’s Dog takes existing real-world decks and turns them into usable digital decks. I have quite a few by Fool’s Dog and they have a ton of settings: choice of tarot cloth design, whether to use reversals or upright, fan or no fan, riffle, wash, cut or draw, layout... the list goes on and on. Depending on the tarot deck app you purchase you always have access to the supplemental material, the LWB or Little White Book. Some of you are asking, ”Why not just buy the deck?” Believe me, I’d love to but some of the decks that they offer are either out of print or many hundreds of dollars which is way out of my budget. Buying a digital version for personal use is a nice consolation. Today’s card comes from one such deck, The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt.

I wish I could hold this deck in my hand but since I can't I love that I can still work with it. Every card is based on a favorite Fairy Tale from somewhere in the world and painted in Lisa Hunt’s beautiful and recognizable style. The LWB contains the full stories chosen and retold by Lisa and reads like a favorite bedtime storybook. I love that there are familiar stories as well as new tales that I've never heard before.

The story chosen for the 10 of Wands (which came up on November 21st) is one that I have always loved: Rumplestiltskin. Lisa chose this story because of the heroine. The miller’s daughter has been burdened with an overwhelming task and feels distraught that she will never be able to achieve her goal. It's only until Rumplestiltskin offers assistance that her load seems easier to bare. The story reminds us that no matter the burden it will feel easier if we are willing to accept help. I think it's also important to note that Rumplestiltskin was willing to help but only with some major strings attached. Sometimes it may just be easier to carry the load yourself. Don't worry, you can handle it.

So that’s a new deck, a familiar card, and a new method to play because they’re only cards, and cards are meant for playing. Approach Tarot with a sense of fun and I guarantee you will receive the messages that you are meant to hear loud and clear.

Until tomorrow!