Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Thursday December 6, 2018

Today, we finally meet a new deck and a new friend. I use the word "friend" because the Lenormand Dog has also come up, and the Dog represents our greatest friend or a trusted partner. As far as partners go, the King of Pentacles is a good one. Ruled by Capricorn, he is a wonderful provider, and with his elements being Air of Earth, a great planner. This King will be ready for every financial possibility and will bring great stability to a friendship or partnership. I personally, look for stability in a man, so he'd be my ideal. The only downside that I can see of the King of Pentacles is that because he works so hard outside of the home, once in his castle he tends to prop up his feet to oversee his domain and doesn't do much to help out. He knows what his role is, and it's "breadwinner." However, if your King of Pentacles is literally the King of the Castle and stay at home dad, your place will be spotless, your children well disciplined and you'll always eat well. A King of Pentacles takes every job that he has very seriously. As previously stated, he knows how to relax, but it's kind of the, “dad asleep in front of the tv with a copy of business journal in his lap”, relaxed. I'm sure all of you out there has a King of Pentacles in your life. Though this King usually comes up as the man in charge, like your boss, today I think the Dog is reminding us to look to the King who is your partner or friend.

What if you've wracked your brain and absolutely can not think of a King of Pentacles in your life? Well, think of the energy he brings: resourceful, financially sound, achievement-oriented. Perhaps there is a friend of yours that needs those qualities in their life right now. Maybe they're still working on that project that they started last week and are hitting a dead end. Capricorns know how to use all of their resources to bring their goals into fruition. Maybe you know someone that can help them, or perhaps you have practical experience and can offer some advice, or you read a book that you can recommend. Regardless, we all have talents and skills that we have learned along the way. You may have just the answer to help your friend or partner see their goals realized.

Now, I get to talk about one of my favorite Tarot artists, Ciro Marchetti, and his first deck, The Gilded Tarot. Since the Gilded Tarot's release, Ciro has created many other Tarot Decks all with different themes but all with incredibly detailed digital art. His portraits are beautiful and help make the archetypes of Tarot jump from the cards. You can still purchase this deck in a box set called, "Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and for All!" with book written by Josephine Ellershaw. If any of you are looking to dabble into the world of Tarot, this is an excellent first set. Josephine's book is well written and very clear, and she includes a pretty great cheat sheet of keywords in the back. I highly recommend it for all level of readers.

So there you have it, a new card and a new deck! It looks like we will be influenced by some Men in Charge today, be it your boss, friend, partner, or dad. Regardless of who he is, he is your go-to guy today if you are stumped with a problem and you need a little bit of organization or financial help. Or, maybe this King is you. Look around and see what friend may need your assistance. Your guidance may be just what they need.

Have a great day everyone!