Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Monday December 10, 2018

Today's deck is the Dreamkeeper's Tarot, first discussed on November 24th, and the card of the day is the 3 of Pentacles which showed up on November 29th. I guess there is nothing more to cover.

Of course, there's more to cover! When cards come up over and over again, it usually means that the message is very important, and is it me or does it seem we've gotten a lot of Pentacles lately? Pentacles, if you remember, are a representation of the Earth. I see a pentacle as a plate to eat from or the coin it takes to purchase the food. Either way, to me the Pentacles nurtures the body while its partner, the Cups, nurture the emotions. Now, to obtain that money, we have to work, and that is the true meaning of this card.

A quick summary: Mars in Capricorn rules the 3 of Pentacles. "I use assertiveness to achieve." This card shows a drive to make things happen. In the Dreamkeeper's Tarot, we have two unclothed figures with the moon in their hands. They share a dream, possibly to be whole as you can see their full formed selves reflected in the water, and the wings of the butterflies will help them fly their course to get there. They have invested emotionally in their dream, and it may be early days for them. Whenever a 3 comes up we see that we're at the beginning of the journey, we also know that a significant amount of creativity and social interaction is involved. These ladies need each other to bring this new project out of the realm of ideas to reality, symbolized by the pentacles floating above their heads. With hard work, though, they may see success.

The Lenormand card that came up today is the Stork. The stork is often the bringer of babies so it can represent actual pregnancy or birth, but in the Lenormand, the babies could also be symbolic and describe all new changes, a new house, or a promotion, as examples. I think if you put these ladies next to the Stork they're in for a great beginning, but they can't sit on their laurels. They will have to put in the work.

So, keep on keeping on, folks. Yesterday was about reassing your current projects to see if they might come into fruition. My guess is, yes, they will, reasonably soon. The question becomes, what will you do after? The 3 of Pentacles is suggesting that you grab your best business partners or like-minded friends and get cracking on that new project. The Stork says it's going to be a good one and will bring about the positive change that you've seen in your dreams.

Until tomorrow everyone!