Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Tuesday December 11, 2018

Today, I'm trying something very different. I normally write these posts very early in the day before my boys go to their prospective schools. I use my cards and laptop and really take the time to set up a pretty picture. If life gets in the way and I wait too long to post it seems that I use my Fool’s Dog Tarot apps. I'd rather just write in bed. I've done this before. The difference is the app I'm using is the Fool’s Dog Tarot Sampler. It's the ”Try It Before You Buy It” app. There are 68 different decks sampled so when you do your reading you never know what you will get. It's a double surprise. So tonight in addition to the 3 of Swords, which we’ve never drawn before (but I've mentioned) we got the Buckland Romani Tarot with book by Raymond Buckland and illustrations by Lissanne Lake. According to Google Books the original deck and app ”follows traditional form of the tarot, but incorporates Gypsy forms and symbol”. The cards used in the sampler are neat looking and the traditional suits have been renamed from Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles to Koshes, Shivs, Koros, and Bolers. Today, we have the 3 of Shivs or 3 of Swords.

The 3 of swords is never an easy card to get. It's ruled by Saturn in Libra ”I relate to restriction and relationships bring conflict”. This card often gets tagged with the keyword ”heartbreak” but more than that I feel it means ”loss”. The 3 is about creativity and community and the swords often represent intellect but also strife. Intellectual strife, then, is the name of the game. This card usually comes up for breakups and end of relationships, but I've also seen it for widows who have been left behind by their spouses, children who have lost a parent, and people suffering from depression and abandonment. It's not the heart that makes these people morn, it’s the thought that they may never recover from the losses. The mind is a wonderful but terrible thing. I believe in positive thinking and though we shouldn't be sunny all of the time when life gets really rough, we have the option to choose optimism instead of distress.

This card actually reminds me of something. Last night I took my family to the movie theatre to see Jim Henson’s ”Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas” as a special showing. The story focuses on Ma and Emmet Otter shortly before Christmas. Pa Otter has been dead for a few years and left Emmet and Ma with practically nothing, but as Doc Bullfrog exclaims, Emmet and his Ma are the ”nicest people on the river.” When times get really tough, they sing and remember Pa fondly. Ma says ”Pa didn't leave us much, but he left us enough.” I guarantee these two would have never gotten the 3 of Swords. Yes, the card is about loss and conflict, but they would never allow a few obstacles to get them down.

Sometimes life creates struggles that affect our relationships and sometimes those relationships end, but every obstacle in your life gives you greater strength. I always say, ”with obstacles come growth”. You can thank Saturn for that. He's there to teach us lessons about ourselves. Perhaps the 3 of Pentacles is really there to show us how to recover after life throws us a curve. By all means, take a moment to mourn if you need to, but what will you do tomorrow? Maybe you can learn to sing like Emmet and his Ma.

I hope none of you are going through this right now, but if you are remember, ”this too shall pass”. See you tomorrow!