Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Thursday December 13, 2018

I'm so pleased to talk about today's Tarot Deck, The Wizard's Tarot with book by Corrine Kenner and illustrations by John J. Blumen. I initially found this deck through one of my favorite Tarot and Oracle sites, Aeclectic Tarot. I was perusing by theme, as you do, and I stumbled upon this one in the "TV & Movies" category. I want to start by saying that this deck in no way based on Film or Television but I see why they might place it there. This Deck is incredibly well thought out and could be considered loosely based upon JK Rowlings Wizarding World as the deck is about Wizarding School, Mandrake Academy, but that's where the similarities end. Corrine Kenner, the author of "Tarot for Writers," has created a vivid and colorful world all her own, and very talented artist John J. Blumen brings her ideas to life. Kenner and Blumen were perfectly paired.

A little about the deck... the Major Arcana cards are professors, and each of the Suits is the Four Houses of Magic. Wands is the House of Fire Magic. Swords is the House of Air Magic. Pentacles is the House of Earth Magic, and Cups is the House of Water Magic. Every card in each Suit follows a student in their Magical journey. The Court Cards are the Elemental families that guard the school, the Salamanders, Sylphs, Gnomes, and Undines or Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, respectfully. Corrine's book reads like a magical textbook, and you feel like you know these characters thanks to John's art. Throughout the lessons, every possible magical subject is covered, from candle magic to gemstones. Each Professor also offers individual layouts that further add to the subject. Besides the fact that this book and deck fulfills my scholarly desire, this is precisely the sort of storytelling in Tarot that I love. The information and storytelling in the book are so incredible my oldest son has stolen my copy. It's a good thing I bought the Fool's Dog Wizards Tarot App which includes the book, else I'd feel an extreme loss.

So if you love the Wizarding World, get this set. If you think of yourself as a little Witchy, get it. If you are a professional, definitely get it, and if you are a beginner, by all means, get it! It may become your favorite, and you'll learn something to boot.

We pulled the Wheel of Fortune on November 25th, but I feel like I can still add a little more because of today's Wizard Deck. Our Daily Card introduces us to the Mandrake Academy's Guidance Counselor who can "help you cope with the twists and turns of fate." The Wheel of Fortune is a twisty turning card that reflects the greatness of Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Happiness becomes great happiness and wealth becomes greater wealth, but you can suffer great difficulties and sadness as well. It's tough to say what will happen when Jupiter comes into play. Jupiter was the ruler of all of the Roman Gods, so he wielded a lot of power and was a colossal force, (there's expansion again) but like his predecessor the Greek Zeus, you never were sure how he was going to act. That sounds a lot like the Wheel of Fortune to me. I think what we can take from the Wizard deck is that when times get crazy and we feel like we're on the rollercoaster of life, there are people, guidance counselors, that can help us through it. The Lenormand House showed up today too, and the House always talks about your family foundation. My suggestion is to contact your family, whether biological or chosen and check-in. Some crazy things may be happening in your family or your home, but I think it may all be easier if you face it together.

Have a good one everybody. Enjoy the rollercoaster of the day!