Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Thursday, January 10, 2019

Go, Go, GO! At least, that's how it feels when the Knight of Swords comes out to play. Inarguably the quickest, most forthright character of the court cards, the Knight of Swords has things to do, places to go, and people to save. He is Fire of Air, always questing for mental and spiritual activity, and when fire and air combine you get a wildfire, in which you'll find this intellectual Knight running towards instead of away because that is the adventure. In Astrological terms, the Knights are ruled by the Mutable, go-with-the-flow, adaptable signs, so this Knight would be seen as Gemini. Gemini's love an intellectual challenge. "Word puzzles? Bring it on! Debate? I dare you to challenge me!" They find glee in solving mental problems and will delight in sharing their findings.

Honestly though, don't think you can win in a verbal dual with a Knight of Swords. He will skewer you with his tongue and run you over with his horse for he has other arguments to win. He doesn't have time for you to throw him off course. All this being said, it's entirely relevant that the Lenormand symbol chosen for today is the Birds. At the Birds most positive they will create a nearly unbreakable relationship between partners that love to gab. Communication is vital with this symbol. At it's worst, the Birds represent gossip and verbal slander. This further supports my earlier advice: do not get into an argument with the Knight of Swords. It will not be a good time, and the repercussions of what is said will haunt both of you for a while. However, if you know a Knight of Swords, befriending him or her may bring you a rewarding relationship that will test your intellectual and verbal moxie. With the Knight of Swords leading the charge, today will be filled with excitement, for sure. So, all of you Knights out there: go forth and discover, solve, and rescue all of the word problems you can, and please, be on your best behavior. Think with your head before you use your sword.

I must talk a little bit about this other new deck that I have acquired, the Money Tarot, created by artist Eugene Vinitski. He also designed my new favorite deck, the Venetian Tarot, which I first discussed on January 8th, 2019. Like the Venetian Tarot, the card stock is very thick with guilded edges. Thicker card stock for decks makes for a more difficult shuffle, but I think with use it will soften up. The beautiful draw to this Tarot was that every image chosen was pulled from a monetary bill from somewhere in the world. As it says in the Introduction, we often take for granted the gorgeous artwork that decorates our bills, because we are more interested in the worth. Did you know that Alfons Mucha designed money for Czechoslovak in 1929? Or that some of Magritte's art was used on the Belgium 500 Franc in 1998? I had absolutely no idea, but I so glad that Eugene created this Tarot so that I would learn. It made me aware that everyone carries little pieces of art in their wallets with them everywhere they go. More people nowadays may be making purchases digitally, so perhaps money should be considered rare and classic artwork.

Eugene suggests that you use this Tarot when you have questions about money and finances, but I think you can use it for any reading. It may not be easy to .use for a beginner, some of the art may be a difficult mental leap to find a correlation between the original RWS images, but if you are an art lover that loves to travel to other countries, I think you would enjoy this Tarot. I think an avid traveler like the Knight of Swords would approve.

So there you go! Have a great day everyone!