Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Friday, January 11, 2019

Here's a first. Every single thing in this picture has been covered before. On November 3, 2018, I discussed the Hierophant and the Ship, on December 13th, 2018, I brought up my love of Corrine Kenner and John J. Blumen's Wizard Tarot, and the Ring showed up on December 3, 2018, so today I get to talk about them all together!

As you can see I have a couple of Lenormand cards out today. When I shuffled the deck one jumped out as if to say, "Pick me!". I normally will take stock of the card and then place it back in the pile, but I figured it REALLY wanted to be apart of the reading, so we have two on the table. When I lay out my Tarot cards, I will often use a Lenormand symbol to bring focus to the reading. If I get the Hierophant, say, and the Ship jumps out I would probably talk about a teacher or a form of bureaucracy in our life or maybe a strong Taurus personality. "But in what capacity?", I may ask, and then the Ship says, "in regards to travel, or possibly business overseas." Basically, if Tarot is about the larger psychological concepts going on in our life, the Lenormand talks about what you're going to have for breakfast while you're going through it. That's probably simplifying it too much. You can absolutely see what you've had for breakfast while reading tarot, and the Lenormand gets real, real quick. I've heard one Lenormand reader say that Madame Lenormand, the creator, was a terrible gossip. It's because you can't hide from the Lenormand. If you look for it everything and I mean EVERYTHING will be revealed. There are no secrets from Madame Lenormand. Now, back to this reading.

If you notice, we also have the Ring out on the table. The Ring shows us commitment, and often times it can be literal. Since the Hierophant can show up as clergy then pairing him with the ring might bring up the possibility of a marriage or legal loving commitment. To put it all together, in Lenormand only readings (which I also adore) you string the symbols and their rulerships together to make sentences. The more cards, the longer the sentence, and if you lie every card down in a Grand Tableau, you have a story. Since we're only dealing with two cards, I will use them to describe the Hierophant in the middle. Today could be a day of commitment to travel, or travel may be necessary to make a traditional commitment or a business contract. All these together make me think of a destination wedding or dealing with an overseas or cross country venture. A new job perhaps? If this is familiar, congratulations! What great news! If this doesn't hit home, we can look at the symbols in the card for answers.

The Wizard Tarot shows Chiron as the Hierophant. Chiron was the mentor and teacher to all of the great heroes of Greco-Roman mythology. He was immortal, but a poison arrow pierced him in the thigh. He could never die, but he spent his life trying to find a cure and, throughout, he lived his days in pain. He was never successfully healed, but all of the knowledge that he obtained was what he used to teach others. This grouping of cards, therefore, takes on another meaning. I believe there is still a commitment, but it may be towards traveling mentally to learn and grow. We may cover great distances and make mental leaps to find the solution to the pains that we have suffered. We may also become committed to teaching others. I always say that those who have walked through the fire are the best to show others how to do the same. Commit to yourself, acknowledge your pain. It's the most challenging journey that anyone can make, and when you come to the shore of self-acceptance, be there for others that follow you. They will need a guide through the emotional waters towards a stable shore.

Until tomorrow...have a good one!