Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Sunday, January 13, 2019


Hello everybody! Today I am using the Everyday Tarot with illustrations by Eleanor Grosch and book by Bridget Esselmont. I first talked about this deck in my December 2, 2018 post, but as a recap, it's little, visually uncluttered, and I like it!

On with the reading...

The 7 of Pentacles has come up a couple of times before, once on December 1, 2018, and again on December 9th. 7 is a number about sitting back in reflection to assess what is going on around you and Pentacles represents money and the tangible world. The card is also ruled by Saturn in Taurus, "I have the ability to achieve." As I have said before, if you do the work and set yourself up for success, with patience, you will achieve everything you have wanted and more. You can see that the girl in this card means business, she has a scarf on. When someone ties a scarf around their head to keep their hair out of their eyes, you know that they're about to get it done! To me, she seems that she was ready to harvest but has stopped and re-evaluated, "No, not yet. Let's give it a few days." It may be a gamble, but more than likely her blooms will grow more prominent, and she will be even more pleased with the results.

I'm this girl today. It sounds worse than it is, but in the alley behind my condo is a mound of dirt that was removed from our patio when we had a major renovation this past summer. Los Angeles has had a little bit of rain, and the most beautiful dandelions, chickweed, and mallow have popped up. I'm incredibly pleased because my current lesson for my herbalism course was to forage three weeds that people frequently cut down. Well, lookie what I have! Three plants, with amazing benefits, just sitting out there ready for the taking. However, I look at them and think, "No, not yet. I think you can grow bigger." Every day for the past three days I've done this. "No, not yet." Patience is not my virtue, so I should be happy that I'm waiting, but I'm afraid that if I don't, they're going to die away. This is also how my impatience is manifesting itself. "Do it now, or you'll never have the opportunity."

Don't be like that me. Be the "me" that is waiting for the plants to grow. It will be so much more rewarding to wait. You know how I know? When I reached for the Lenormand charm to use for today, the Key had attached itself to the Fish's tail. Using the technique that I described on January 11th, I merely have to add them together, "The key to financial rewards is to use patience and wait for the harvest." Key="Answer" and Fish="Plenty". Ok, Universe, I get it. Wait another day.

You can do the same, you know. The signs are looking good. January is usually a tough month financially after the holidays because during the holidays the Sun is in Sagittarius and dear Sag never does anything halfway. Then Capricorn rolls in, throws up obstacles, and tells us to limit our spending, become better organized, and "work towards those goals for Pete's Sake!" Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn reminds us of time. So here's what I'll say, "New year, new me," is going just as planned. If there's a lack of money, don't worry, budgeting will help, if you are trying to lose weight, the things you have learned along the way (getting more sleep, exercising more efficiently, eating more cleanly) are starting to pay off. If your goal is to build better relationships, then working on your own self-worth is beginning to reveal who you really want to be in a relationship and whether the desire is even necessary any more. You are getting there. Keep at it and be patient.

Have a good one!