Erisa Byrd
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Daily Draw for Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I dropped the ball the first time I used the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong. I don't own this deck in its original, paper form, but I do have it as an app released by Fool's Dog. I'm a massive fan of Fool's Dog Apps and have talked about it quite a bit in the past, but two of the reasons I like their apps is for the ease of use and convenience. Almost a month ago, on December 15, I reached the end of the day and realized that I hadn't yet pulled a card. I used The Revelations Tarot app, drew the Fool and said that I would come back to it later. I never got a chance and then took a long reprieve until my boys went back to school. If any of you were waiting with bated breath for me to cover this tarot and the Fool, I am fully sorry. One thing I can say about the archetype is that Uranus rules the Fool, and when Uranus comes into play, you can only expect the unexpected, be it accidents, delays, or distractions, which is why I didn't write about it. Of course.

It's a month later, and we have arrived at today, and today I have the opportunity to write about Zach Wong's beautiful Revelations Tarot. Included with every Fool's Dog app is the "Little White Book" that would typically come with the paper deck, so I've been able to read the book while I've worked with the cards. I felt reading the book was important to learn about the different ways of interpreting. I love that Fool's Dog includes the books so that I can do this, just as I may with a physical deck.

I have mentioned before that I don't read reversal. Except for a couple of my oracles, it doesn't work for me. When I saw the Revelations Tarot, I thought, "Now here is a deck that I can use reversals." Zach has brilliantly created a Tarot where every card has a top and bottom much like the court cards of a classic bicycle deck. For me, this made reading reversals incredibly easy. I can read regular playing cards only using the numbers and symbols, and I've memorized the astrological rulership of all of the cards so you would think that whether a card is upside down wouldn't have any effect on me, but it does. Even though I can refer to the meanings and rulerships, the art is so essential that I get thrown when it's on its head. Zach's Tarot completely alleviates this issue for me, and I was able to interpret them easily right away. I've enjoyed the digital version so much that I am considering buying the full version to use with my clients. It's been fun to extend myself with these cards, and I think his vivid, graphic art style will appeal to a lot of different people.

With that said, it's great that I got a reversal today! This morning, which usually starts promptly at 5:30 am, I groggily opened my eyes, turned off my alarm and the ringing continued. After I realized that it was actually my ears ringing my nose started to run down my face. "Oh crap! I'm sick." I felt a little twinge yesterday, but I used some classic Traditional Chinese Medicine and will and powered myself through. It was a late night, I had a lot of meetings and readings, and at the end of it all, I dragged myself to bed with a pounding head. It just goes to show me why today's card is the Reversed Ace of Cups. Of course, it is. Look at it all drippy and wet. Normally this card in its upright position represents all things Water: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, your feelings, your desires, and your beliefs, the winter, the cold, and the North, the kidneys, the bladder, and the ears. (I combined a little Western and Eastern rulership.) Any, and all, of that, apply, and when the cup is upright, it is filled to the brim. This cup...well...this cup is letting it all out. Call it the winter and cold, (for all of you Northern Hemisphere folks) and wet, (for all of you Los Angeles peeps), but today the macrocosm and microcosm are reflecting one another and body, mind and spirit is absolutely related. With weeping deep sighs, some of you may be feeling fearful, some of you may be raining your beliefs and desires all over everyone in a flood of emotions, some of you, like me, might be being drowned by your sinuses. Whatever it may be for you, acknowledge that the "waters" will continue to flow until you right that cup back again. Whatever is bothering you, or ailing you, it is better to express it so that you can acknowledge that it happened and go about your day. Better out than in. Afterward, apologize if you need to, or retire to a warm bed, do what you need to for a little self-care. The cup may have spilled, but it did so that it can be refilled tomorrow with all the joy and health that you wish to pour into it.

Take care everybody and until tomorrow, have a good day!