Erisa Byrd
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Weekly Reading: Monday, April 29, 2019-Sunday, May 5, 2019

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a lovely week with your Kings and their coins and their wisdom. Using the "Venetian Tarot" created by artist Eugene Vinitski, first discussed on January 8, 2019, this week should be a feel-good time as the 3 of Cups, first mentioned on November 27, 2018, has made an appearance. I'm always happy to see this card. It brings with it joy and fun times with your favorite tribesmen. Ruled by Mercury in Cancer, it brings with it the desire to communicate and share feelings, and with whom better to do that with than your favorite gal pals or brothers? A creative, community card, 3 brings with it magic and Pythagoras' perfect shape. In Astrology a 3 represents a trine which shows ease and sometimes laziness. In a practical sense, whenever the 3 of Cups comes up for me, I know that I will be one in a group of three in whatever area of life it serves. I pulled this card when I was booked in a play with two other ladies, and usually, it shows up for me when I know there will be three of us working at Slone Vintage on Tarot Tuesday.

I mentioned that this card has already manifested for me this week. Well, I stopped by Slone today, and owner Amy, her employee Stephanie and I hashed out a party plan to celebrate all of the milestones in our lives. All within a week or so of each other, Stephanie is turning 30, I'll be turning 40 and Amy will be giving birth to her baby Jillian who will be turning 0. With the 3 of Cups as the card of the week, I have a feeling the Number 3 theme will continue. The Lenormand Lily is there too, and she usually brings with her peace, like a peace lily, but also maturity and age. Will you get to visit with old friends? Or will you have some much needed time with your parents, just the three of you? Regardless, it will be a fun, sociable week further supported by the Moon's movement through sensitive and dreamy Pisces, dynamic "do anything at least once" Aries, a sensual New Moon in Taurus on Saturday the 4th, and then fun-loving Gemini on Sunday. We earth worshipping people also get to express our joyous, Spring-loving sides on the First of May. All in all, this is a great week to revel in youth no matter what your age. So gather together your tribe, spend some time around a May Pole and have some fun!

Until next time...